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YouTube video for NSD – Fun Summer Days

Hello everyone and welcome to National Scrapbooking Day!

I really hope you are enjoying all the challenges so far on For the Love of Pretty Paper! For this challenge, I am creating a layout for you to scraplift. A winner from all the entries will be chosen and be given a prize!

So for my layout today I have used the Endless Summer collection exclusively. If you follow me regularly, you will know that it is rare for me to just use one collection and not go through all my stash! But I wanted it to keep it really simple with this layout!

Here are a couple of photos and my YouTube process video! Please come over and say hello!

Fun Summer Days

Fun summer days

I really hope you will play along and choose my layout to scraplift! Happy scrapping!

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Scrapbooking Layout – Loved

Hello everyone! Pinch, punch – first of the month!

Can you believe it is May already? I can’t!¬†January and the beginning of the year still feels like yesterday! Which reminds me, by the way, that at some point I need to do a count of how many layouts I’ve done so far this year. I joined a group on Facebook called¬†216 Scrapbook Challenge. As the name pretty much explains, it is a challenge to create 216 layouts in a year. It sounds like a lot, and it is quite a lot. I think it’s something like 4 layouts a week. If I could make 4 layouts every week I would be a very happy person! Anyway… I will be doing a count soon and see how many I’ve done so far.

So! Today’s layout I created at the Artful Angels crop at the weekend. Paula, the lady who runs it, mentioned that there were a pair of fringe scissors to borrow so that inspired me to create a layout that I had seen on Pinterest before and had been wanting to make for a while.

Well, let me tell you… This was NOT easy. I really struggled with the whole concept. I wasn’t sure how the whole thing was supposed to come together! And I am not 100% happy with the finished product, but considerably happy seeing I struggled so much!

Here’s my layout and the page I was inspired by:



But with my struggles came knowledge, and I have been thinking about the whole process and where I think I went wrong and I know that if I was to try again, I would approach the whole project in a different way and try other techniques.

I hope you have liked this layout and read you very soon!

Oh! And before I forget… It’s National Scrapbooking Day this weekend! Don’t miss it!

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Youtube video – Layout look back

Hello lovely likers!

I am about to put all my completed projects into page protectors and albums, so I thought it would be a good idea to film one of those flip throughs or lookbacks or whatever they are called. Unfortunately when I started doing the video voiceover, my throat was really sore and I kept coughing. I hope people are not too putt off by this!

Anyway, here it is and I hope you enjoy it!

Read you soon,

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The scraplifting conundrum

I say conundrum, but from my point of view there is no conundrum at all. I explain below:

Last night I got involved in a very heated conversation in a scrapbooking group on facebook. The original poster was simply asking that if you copy someone else’s layout, that you acknowledge and give credit. Not just taking inspiration, at the end of the day we all take inspiration form one another! The post was about copying someone’s design entirely and not giving credit.

The post got very heated actually, with people very angry and very sad too, as a lot of people thought that this was a personal attack. However, I feel like the original post was completely misunderstood (it made me wonder about people’s reading comprehension!!). Nobody was saying “do not copy”, just that if you do it’s nice to acknowledge and give credit to the person you are copying from.

Yes, there are no original ideas left anymore and all techniques have been done before. People post on groups with the hope to inspire others (at least I do!) and they say that imitation is a form of flattery. People save ideas from the web and forget to write where they came from. All of that is very well. Just don’t make it pass as your own original work.

Maybe it’s because of my academic background where plagiarism is a big no-no, but I honestly think that if you DO know that you are copying someone (and again, I am not talking about being inspired by someone – but copying a layout exactly) and you know who that someone is, why not give a little credit? No need to go overboard make a big fuss about it. Just a link or a mention will do.

I always do it. Even for just inspiration. I was inspired by Sarah Costain a few times with backgrounds and her use of ribbons, and I have always given her credit. I was inspired by Zoe Guest just the other day with the “super ice cream” layout, and I gave her credit. It is not difficult and a very nice thing to do. It seems like we have all turned into pirates in the internet world, where manners don’t matter anymore, because suddenly people are saying that when you post your layouts to groups you lose any rights over them. That maybe right legally, but why would people lose their manners and become pirates over something so simple?

Anyway, rant over. Just be a nice person and do the right thing. If you KNOW that you are copying someone and you KNOW who that someone is, a little nudge of credit goes a long way.

Peace out.

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Scrapbooking Layout – Super Ice Cream

Hello and welcome again to my blog!

Today I am bringing you another layout that I created at the Scrap Cafe in Bracknell last weekend. This layout is a scraplift from the amazing Zoe Guest, a layout from her “stretch that collection” series. Her layout is called The Good Life and you can find it here.

By the way, did you know that Zoe did one of the most amazing things last month? She made her own version of March Madness, creating a brand new video every-single-day! Really incredible stuff. I bet she has raised quite a few bob for MIND!

So this is my layout that was inspired by her page:

Super Ice Cream

And a couple more close ups:



Claire (Scrappy Nerd UK) helped me with the ruffling of the edges. I was trying to do it myself with a craft knife (I bite my nails, so I had no “self-tool” to do it!) but I was worried that I might damage the cardstock underneath. But she came to the rescue!

The papers used in the background and for backing my photo are from Dear Lizzy Saturday collection. The embellishments are a bit mixed. The happy faces and the word Super in the title are from Heidi Swapp and there are other elements from Kaisercraft and other bits and pieces from my stash.

I hope you have enjoyed this layout and read you soon!

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