Hi all!

I just wanted to come in quickly to let you all know that this weekend is (Inter)National Scrapbooking Weekend! (It’s actually “Day”, not weekend, but you know us scrapbookers, we like to make the most of things and we have turned one day into a whole weekend)

We decided not to run anything on UK Scrap Addicts as there were already so many groups having events, and with the new team having just joined, we really didn’t have that much time to organise anything properly. And from my experience in the admin team for FTLOPP last year, these things take a lot of organization!

So I have just been participating in challenges for For the Love of Pretty Paper, and I have completed three for the Mercy Tiara group. I am hoping to get at least two or three more today, and perhaps catch up with the ones I didn’t get to complete tomorrow, which is a bank holiday!

Read you soon!