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Scrapbooking Layout – The Warmth

Hello everyone!

This layout was not an easy one. First of all, I knew I wanted to scrap those lyrics (they are from “The Warmth”, my favourite Incubus song) but I didn’t know how. Many different ideas came to my head: use thinkers and stickers, just print the lyrics in the background (like I did with my 21 pilots layout) or whether to use a photo or not! I eventually settled with cutting the words on my Silhouette (and this came with several designs and fonts too!). Once cut, I had no idea what to do with it either! At some point during my design process I thought of using thickers in a rainbow style (idea went to poop when I realised that I didn’t have thickers in all the colours of the rainbow!) but the idea of the rainbow stayed and that’s how I decided to back my letters.

And here it is!

The Warmth | crafts by marialachica | Scrapbook layout using lyrics from Incubus - cut with Silhouette Cameo

Since the mahoosive title and the photo were taking all of the space, I decided to write around the border. I thought it would be better to design it in Word and then print it rather than attempt to hand-write it.

And one more close up:

The Warmth | crafts by marialachica | Scrapbook layout using lyrics from Incubus - cut with Silhouette Cameo

I have made this layout to enter it in TWO challenges. One is for For the Love of Pretty Paper, ABC challenges. This coming week is G is for Gold, so I added the gold glitter washi tape and the gold hearts in the centre of the O’s. The other challenge is for a Page called Create me Scrappy Happy (a page about using scrapbooking for bettering your mental health) and the challenge was to use lyrics or a song title.

Thanks for popping by today and read you very soon!

Scrapbooking Layout – Spanish cakes are the best ever (YouTube video)

Hello everyone! I think this is going to be my last layout of the month unless I manage to get something else done at the weekend!

So today’s layout is inspired on Stick it Down‘s July single page sketch. As you will see from the video below, I started the layout following the sketch quite closely, but when it came to putting my photos down, I decided to rotate it. This means, though, that the stars at the top are not very straight, but this does not bother me too much.

I decided to use lots of washi tape. There was a conversation on FTLOPP about washi tape, and I realised how little I use mine, so I picked my favourite colour combination and made stars out of them 🙂

Here’s my layout, and the video!

Spanish cakes are the best ever | crafts by marialachica | scrapbook layout based on Stick it Down's July 2017 single page sketch


And one more closeup:

Spanish cakes are the best ever | crafts by marialachica | scrapbook layout based on Stick it Down's July 2017 single page sketch

Thanks for visiting, and read you very soon!

Scrapbooking Layout – Canterbury 1996 (youtube video)

Hi friends!

The other day I made this layout for one of this month’s sketch challenges over on For the Love of Pretty Paper. I was really drawn to the sketch I chose because of the use of multiple photos.

Here is my layout and the sketch:

Canterbury 1996 | crafts by marialachica | scrapbookinf layout based on a sketch


And I also made a process video, so pop over YouTube to see more of how I created it and hear about the story behind the photos!

I hope you have liked it, and thanks for popping by!

May 2017 Lookback – YouTube video

Hello friends! I thought my YouTube channel was looking very bare the other day, so I decided to make a lookback video with all the layouts that I created during the month of May. It was a very busy month and I created almost 40 layout!!! Say whaaaat!

So here it is! I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting, and read you soon!

Cyber Krop – Part 2

Hello all!

These are the other layouts that I made for the challenges for the Cyber Krop:

Challenge 5: Counting Sheep – something to do with dreams or nightmares, or someone sleeping.

A dream come true

Challenge 1a – Go Horizontal. The design in your layout has to go all the way from left to right.

Rocky is the best

Challenge 2a – Round and Round. The layout must feature circles and can only have red/yellow/blue (or a combination of) colours.

That twinkle in your eye

Challenge 3a – Ebony and Ivory. You can only use black and white in your layout and some mixed media (I actually forgot about the mixed media, doh!) You also have to include “empowered, proud and/or strong” (which I included in the journalling – I wish I had planned the journalling a bit better as it could have looked quite awesome)

The Loft

And that is it for me! I left two challenges undone as I felt quite drained by the end of it, it was a very exhausting and demanding weekend! Not sure I could do this all over again any time soon. I need a crafty break!

Thanks for popping by and read you soon!

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