Getting ready for National Scrapbooking Day!

Hello lovely likers!

It just occurred to me that you may not see much happening in here in the next couple of weeks as I get ready for NSD.

What is NSD, I hear you ask? It’s National Scrapbooking Day! Funny it’s called “National”, because it certainly is not just national, but INTERnational! The day started in the US and hence why it’s called National, however this “holiday” has been adopted by many other countries in the world! It will be happening on the weekend of 5th-7th of May.

NSD Blog hop image2

I am taking place in two separate events (although they are both connected!). The first one is for For the Love of Pretty Paper facebook group. The event starts on Friday evening and finished on Sunday mid afternoon. In these two days there will be lots of challenges, prizes, games and chat. I am taking part in 5 challenges! Since I am hosting, I get to know the challenges in advance and prepare for them.

The second event is for UK Scrap Addicts. This event only takes place on Saturday, but there will also be lots of videos, challenges, prizes and blog posts. I am taking part in five of the challenges, so that means that I am very busy at the moment!

Hopefully you will be able to join us either on Facebook, on the UKSA blog and on YouTube that weekend!

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Scrapbook Layout – Just Like Dad

Hello! Today I am super excited to announce that I am guest designing for Stick It Down!

Here’s my layout:

Just like dad

And this is the sketch that it is based on:

SID April sketch

For this layout I used Project Life cards that I trimmed and cut. I have tons of Project Life cards but I am never going to do PL however the cards are super handy to use on layouts. You can use them for backing photos, or trim them and use the sentiments as I have done here.

Here are a couple more close ups:

Just like dad2

Just like dad3

I want to thank Ashley from Stick it Down for giving me this amazing opportunity to guest design. I have loved working with this sketch and I look forward to playing along with more sketches on the blog!

I hope you have liked this layout, and read you soon!

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Scrapbooking Process – Exeter

Hello lovely likers! It’s the Easter holidays! Have you got anything interesting planned? And more importantly, will you be doing any scrapbooking?

Today I bring you another process video, and this time I have been a brave big girl and done a voice over! I hate my voice (like everyone else does, I suppose) but I decided it was time to face my fears.

The layout is about a mini break that my husband and I took in Exeter last week. I think this is the fastest “camera to layout” page I’ve ever done. We came back on Wednesday and by Friday I had already printed the photos! That’s a first!! The page was inspired by one of the UK Scrap Addicts designers and her page with hand stitching. Here’s her layout that inspired me.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the page and for more details, please see the video below!


Thanks for watching and read you soon!
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The scraplifting conundrum

I say conundrum, but from my point of view there is no conundrum at all. I explain below:

Last night I got involved in a very heated conversation in a scrapbooking group on facebook. The original poster was simply asking that if you copy someone else’s layout, that you acknowledge and give credit. Not just taking inspiration, at the end of the day we all take inspiration form one another! The post was about copying someone’s design entirely and not giving credit.

The post got very heated actually, with people very angry and very sad too, as a lot of people thought that this was a personal attack. However, I feel like the original post was completely misunderstood (it made me wonder about people’s reading comprehension!!). Nobody was saying “do not copy”, just that if you do it’s nice to acknowledge and give credit to the person you are copying from.

Yes, there are no original ideas left anymore and all techniques have been done before. People post on groups with the hope to inspire others (at least I do!) and they say that imitation is a form of flattery. People save ideas from the web and forget to write where they came from. All of that is very well. Just don’t make it pass as your own original work.

Maybe it’s because of my academic background where plagiarism is a big no-no, but I honestly think that if you DO know that you are copying someone (and again, I am not talking about being inspired by someone – but copying a layout exactly) and you know who that someone is, why not give a little credit? No need to go overboard make a big fuss about it. Just a link or a mention will do.

I always do it. Even for just inspiration. I was inspired by Sarah Costain a few times with backgrounds and her use of ribbons, and I have always given her credit. I was inspired by Zoe Guest just the other day with the “super ice cream” layout, and I gave her credit. It is not difficult and a very nice thing to do. It seems like we have all turned into pirates in the internet world, where manners don’t matter anymore, because suddenly people are saying that when you post your layouts to groups you lose any rights over them. That maybe right legally, but why would people lose their manners and become pirates over something so simple?

Anyway, rant over. Just be a nice person and do the right thing. If you KNOW that you are copying someone and you KNOW who that someone is, a little nudge of credit goes a long way.

Peace out.

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