Hi guys! Apologies for the lack of updates lately, although I can tell you that there are a few layouts coming in the next few days that have been scheduled for design team work.

On top of that, I am off to the Scrap Cafe retreat this evening, so I am planning on getting many many layouts done! Wish me luck! I am a bit annoyed that I didn’t get to book a room to stay over so I will be coming back home every evening, but it’s hardly the end of the world. I just couldn’t afford to book the hotel when the reduced price was offered, and when I could finally afford it, the price had gone up more than double!

I have already packed and I’m taking everything plus the kitchen sink. It’s all in the boot of my car and I will be going to the hotel straight from work. I think I’ll be getting there approximately around 6:30, which will give me time to unpack, eat my dinner and get one layout before heading home!

I will show you my layouts when I’m back!

Have a great weekend and read you soon!

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