Hello lovely crafters!

Unfortunately I don’t have anything new to show you today! However,  I am currently working on a very cool Thank You card for my next Silhouette UK project, and I thought I would do a throwback to some 3D cards that I made in the past.

Here are a few of my favourite ones:

Feliz cumpleaños 3D box card | crafts by marialachica

Cutting the sentiment on this card (“feliz cumpleaños mama”) was actually quite hard! The letters were so small and delicate! But on my second attempt I managed to get it right. This card travelled all the way to Spain as a present, and I believe the recipient loved it!

Pop up box card seamstress | crafts by marialachica

When I made this one I was already a bit more experienced, so the lettering wasn’t so much of a problem. The “issue” with this one is that I used chipboard embellishments which were quite heavy! The recipient of the card didn’t complain about any embellishments falling off, so I am hoping that it arrived in one piece!

90th birthday pop up box card | crafts by marialachica

This one was probably the last pop up box card that I made, and it is from February last year. It was for my husband’s grandma and she loved it. It was one of my favourite to make too, as the colours are just so gorgeous!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Throw Back Thursday and hopefully I’ll have some more scrapbook layouts for you soon!


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