Hello all!

Today’s layout I made for a challenge over at the Mercy Tiara group. It was a tough challenge, I tell you!

The “recipe” was:

1. A theme of music and/or movies. This can be about a favourite song or movie or just a song or movie title as the title for the layout or even song lyrics or a quote from a movie
2. A grid style in part or all of the layout
3. Something black & white
4. Stripes
5. A simple outline or sillouhette image, this can be stamped, stencilled or hand drawn
6. I’m scared to say it, but …. No letter stickers!

In addition to this list, there was also a tic tac toe challenge to go with it, and I also incorporated a line from the tic tac toe: Use a frame, stitching and use a list on your journalling.

And here it is! Unfortunately, these colours are hard to photograph!

Love actually | crafts by marialachica | Scrapbook layout made for a challenge over at the Mercy Tiara facebook group

Thanks for popping by and see you very soon!

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