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If you are following the hop you should have arrived here from Julie’s blog: https://jsquaredscrapspot.wordpress.com/
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The theme for the Blog Hop is “Favourite Technique” and because I couldn’t choose just one technique, I chose two!

Sword Fight

The first technique I want to talk about is mixed media. Just a few months ago I was scared of mixed media. Using anything other than just a few ink splatters on my layout really scared me. However, I have been doing it more and more, and now I can’t think of a layout where I don’t use some sort of mixed media! In this layout I went a bit crazy adding ink splatters of several different colours. Because the background is green, some of those splatters are a bit faint, but can be easily noticed when looking closely. I also added some texture paste with a stencil and although there are a couple of messy spots, I am actually quite happy with how neat it’s looking! The stencil is from Happy Scatter on etsy, and I just love love love it! I have a couple more stencils from this shop and I am always looking at ways to incorporate them into my layouts.

My second favourite technique is using sketches! Again, just a few months ago I had never used sketches and now I really love them as a starting point for quite a few of my layouts. The beauty of sketches is that you can follow them as loosely or closely as you want. You can copy each individual element or you can just be inspired by it. It’s a book open to interpretation! For this layout I have used one of UK Scrap Addicts sketches for this month:


And here are a few more close ups of my layout!

sword fight

sword fight 2

sword fight

So, in case you got lost during the hop and want to start again, here’s the full list of all the talented ladies taking part:

  • Fiona Cullen – http://fiona-staringatthesea.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Sam Sweetlove – http://www.craftylittlebling.com/
  • Niki Rowland – http://www.beingscrappy.co.uk/
  • Ruth Sim – http://chattycraftyartypig.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Susan Roberts – http://miniowner.blogspot.co.uk/
  • UK Scrap Addicts (Laura Rumble) – http://ukscrapaddicts.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Amanda King – http://amandas-scrapbook-pages.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Gemma Steele – http://thesteelenook.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Julia Budd – http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Julie Jeavons – https://jsquaredscrapspot.wordpress.com/
  • Maria La Chica – http://craftsbymarialachica.com/ (THAT’S ME!)

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen, I hope you’ll consider visiting another day! Thanks!!

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35 comments on “FTLOPP NSD Blog Hop – Sword Fight”

  1. I’m so much like you Maria! I was petrified of using mixed media and now I’m an addict. The same with sketches….mind the scrap got me into using them! Great post x

  2. Thanks Maria, my boy has been on the blog hop with me and loves your LO (probably because he likes swords, light sabres etc!). I’ve been learning mixed media from Inkie Quill amongst others and love sketches too, they are such a good jump off point! Thanks and see you again xx

  3. I love using mixed media. Sometimes I mess up and have to start over and it’s so frustrating! x

  4. Great use of mixed media, I’m
    At splatter stage so hoping to develop some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes! I get it….2 weeks ago I wouldn’t go near mixed media but have since bought spritzing bottles, texture paste and pixie powders and I’m having a great time!! I didn’t need any more encouragement to play with my new toys but boy did you give it to me!

  6. Lovely layout. I haven’t really tried mixed media as I am a little scared, it seems to permanent. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and give it a go.

  7. Like you were Maria I am only dabbling in using mixed media-have just about got comfortable with ink splatters! I may well start using more sketches when stuck for inspiration!

  8. I really have to find out what texture paste is! I keep reading about it and I really don’t know what it is! Sketches… now you’re talking my language. I’ve been a Page Maps junkie for years and now Pinterest is my go-to for a sketch. Great inspiration.

  9. Think again I’ve commented but think it needs checking before publishing but just in case I haven’t lol.
    Love this idea of mixed media. I’m not brave enough to do this yet but love it anyhow. Thanks for sharing. X.

  10. I love sketches too at the moment I have no idea where my stencils are but I’m sure they will reappear one day xx

  11. I’ve tried mixed media a couple of times but need to relax more about using it. I did try misting today for the first time! lol with the Cut File challenge. Might give it another go with the Tic Tac Toe challenge. Love the idea of sketches though.

  12. You’ve done a great job here. Well done on using those inks, paints and stencils – the end result is lovely. A sketch is a really good way to get inspiration when wanting to try something a bit different.
    Great work.
    take care. God bless.

  13. i’m still at the stage of maybe, sometimes, occasionally, using inks, I always like the effect, but it has to be a day that I am feeling brave!!! and I love using sketches, I don’t always use the whole sketch, I sometimes use elements from 2 or 3 sketches to make my own original, hahahaha. I have a whole folder of becky fleck that I print off monthly

  14. I love your layout Maria. I am still rather wary of mixed media but I am getting better with sketches I’m giving myself permission not follow them exactly if I don’t want to! I’m now going to hop on over to Hppy Scatter

  15. Super mixed media. I’m always a bit nervous of splatters and photos myself! LOL Sketches are a great way to get going too.
    Great blog hop BJ

  16. Lovely post ‘Ria, gosh you’ve worked hard for and over this weekend! I was the same about using mixed media, and although I still don’t use stuff very often, I do enjoy it when I do. I LOVE the teeny triangles, they must have taken ages!

  17. I LOVE using sketches – but I’m scared of mixed media. I’m trying to over come that fear as I love the look it can provide.

  18. I love that you have used coloured cardstock as a background, I find that really hard but love your page…2 techniques I use lots too

  19. Lovely layout! Saving up for more stencils to add to the couple I have as I’m keen to try more mixed media. Thank you.

  20. Gorgeous layout, Maria! That stencil is fab and I love the green. I’m not really a sketch fan – or so I thought, but I did both the sketch challenges this weekend; so maybe I am!

  21. I love sketches, 9 times out of 10 I use one to get my scrappy mojo started. I love texture paste through stencils, I’ve only tried this a couple of times and really want to do it more! X

  22. I love the subtleness of what you’ve done. I tend to go too far when using mixed media & regret it.

  23. I started out with stencils and mists but now love my Gelatos. There are always great sketches out there too and when I get stuck for inspiration they are a perfect springboard. X

  24. I do like a bit of texture paste on my layouts every now-and-again… It’s only recently that I’ve started using sketches -it’s a great way to get you going when that mojo thing isn’t happening…

  25. I don’t do a lot of mixed media as I hate the paper warping. I really should dig out the texture paste though as it looks really effective.

  26. I’m currently like the old you…I’m soo hesitant about using mixed media. I also worry that if I do start using mixed media it’ll just give me an excuse to buy more supplies and I don’t think my bank balance will be too happy with that! :L

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