Ok, so the other dayI tried to do “hand embroidery” or stitching, or whatever you call it, on paper. I’ve seen so many layouts with gorgeous embroidery that I wanted to give it a go myself!

As I scrapbook directly into a book, I thought I would practice first on some scrap cardstock. So I cut some hearts with a punch and made the holes using SU! Paper piercing guides (so useful! as I didn’t want to have to eye it)

Firstly, I wanted to use a thick needle because I knew I wanted to use twine rather than normal thread, however I found it impossible to pierce through the cardstock! So I chose a smaller, sharper needle which went through perfectly.
But when I went to actually “sew” with the twine, the cardstock kept being destroyed! So I went back to normal sewing thread which worked perfectly.

A very frustrating process, let me tell you. I don’t know if it’s because I was working on such small pieces of card that it kept bending down when piercing them. I’ve been recommended to make bigger holes (although, as I said above, the tool I was using wouldn’t even go through the cardstock) or to try to only pierce every other hole.

Adventure number one in “new scrapbooking techniques” FAILED! Must try harder. 🙂

Hand stitching failure

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