Over the years I have bought many products. Some I’ve used and loved, and others have stayed almost untouched for a long time in my cupboards. It is only through trial and error that you get to find your own style and you you instantly know whether you’re going to use a product just by looking at it online (or at the shop)

In the early days I bought lots of “distressed” products, kind of with a grunge feel to them. Only after spending a fortune on paper pads I realised that I didn’t really like the distressed look at all! I much more prefer clean lines and bright colours.

So what are my favourite products?


I am obsessed with alphas. Be it in sticker form or Thickers. I love them! I can’t imagine not putting titles on my scrapbook pages, and they are super handy as well for personalised cards!

I haven’t counted how many alpha sticker sheets or thickers packs I have, but it’s lots. Believe me.


Embellishment stickers.

That’s what I call them, I’m pretty sure they have a different name… Hang on, let me go and find out… “Element stickers” or “Accent stickers”, that’s what some people call them.

But yeah, I also have tons of this. As I already have tons of paper, what I normally do is just buy the embellisment/element/accent stickers from paper collections. Some of my favourite online shops sell them loose, so I buy them all!

I haven’t counted how many I’ve got of this either, but definitely more than a 12×12 pizza box full 🙂


Colour mists

I have only been using colour mists for a few months, but for me now they are an essential product! I don’t use them on every layout, but on the ones that I do use them on, it gives a really nice finishing touch.

I only have less than 10 bottles, out of which three of those I use all the time (gold, charcoal and white) I want to expand my collection -plus I need to buy more gold one soon, I am running out!- to get more bright colours and especially a couple of shades of blue! I don’t have any blues and it’s my favourite colour!





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